Human Centered Design

The Keyboard on Your Fingertips

This technology reduces arm and hand movements to simple finger movements by having all keystrokes represented on the ten keys at your fingertips. Accurately touch-type without looking, even in tight places, while you chill or on the move.  It's not like a phone keypad that requires you to press until you get the right letter, or a touch-screen/menu system that makes you look and pick the correct input.  All keystrokes are provided with random access to anything you want with a quick press, anytime you want it!


DecaTxt is Just the start to evolving technology from the 1869 QWERTY model of inside the box thinking to providing everything, anyplace you can touch...  From a pair of gloves, to a game controller to a set top box remote, the back of your phone, steering wheel, watchband or a sleeve...

This Changes Everything!